What are the best gasket materials?

At SRM we have been producing die-cut gaskets for over 40 years. We have state-of-the-art CAD design that can nest products to maximise material use, and fully-automated die-cutting machines to minimise labour cost. A gasket is a piece of material that can be pressed between the faces or flanges of a joint to provide a…

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Which types of rubber are best for oil resistance?

There are many rubber compounds¬†to choose from, but not all of them are suitable for applications where oil is present. Certain rubber compounds have no issues operating in and around oily environments, while others will degrade and ultimately fail. Here at SRM as a specialist custom rubber moulder we have an extensive knowledge of the…

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What is the best rubber compound for a high-temperature environment?

silicone moulding

How does heat affect rubber? The presence of persistent or extreme heat can cause degradation in rubber materials, leading to poor performance and even failure. For high-temperature applications and environments a high-temperature resistant rubber compound is required to offer dependable performance without compromise. Here at SRM we‚Äôve been working with high-temperature resistant rubber compounds for…

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