Die-cut Spacers at SRM

At SRM we produce die-cut rubber spacers for a broad range of industries; from rail, where we produce spacers to stop ingress of dust and dirt; to white goods, where we produce anti-vibration spacers to protect mechanical parts from wear and tear.

What is a spacer?

A rubber spacer takes up a void between two surfaces and acts as a pad or anti-vibration dampener. These can be manufactured by die-cut method in our gasket division or by custom rubber moulding; this is dependententirely on the product shape and design. 

Manufacture using the die-cut method keeps the tooling cost down to a minimum, whereas the more expensive rubber moulded option gives maximum flexibility.

SRM have been producing die-cut spacers for over 40 years, and as such we have an in-depth knowledge of the correct compound for your application. For more information please email sales@srm-industries.com