Die-cut Edges, Strips, Reels and Tape

Over 40 years experience

At SRM we have been producing die-cut edges, strips, reels and tape for over 40 years.

Strips and reels cut from rubber sheeting act as a buffer between two surfaces for protection. They can be die-cut to a multitude of lengths, making them incredibly versatile. They are predominantly foam-backed or self-adhesive-backed, depending on the application.

They are typically used within the plastic moulding industry or glass industry for protection between sheets, but also to add friction to deliver grip.

Edges are a die-cut exclusion used to protect the edge of metal surface. We can produce extrusions and also die-cut to the required length and specification. 

If the exclusion requires a void or hole, for example, to accommodate a component, these can be incorporated into the die-cut.

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