At SRM we have been producing rubber moulded diaphragms and membranes for over 40 years and have an in-depth understanding of the different compound materials, the properties and how they react.

Diaphragms have different uses, they allow movement between two surfaces, invariably thin discs attached on the inner and outer diameters.

They allow vibration and are key to creating sound waves in telephones or speaker devices.

A diaphragm seal is a flexible membrane that seals and isolate an enclosure. It’s a regulator. 

It can control the passage of light as well as gases. They can be made of most rubber compounds, dependent on the application.

Typical industries include:

  • Fire and safety - where diagrams are used in breathing apparatus
  • Medical industry - where we produce silicone buttons on medical equipment
  • Gas detection - using a silicone semi-permeable membrane

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