Die-cut Rubber Sheets and Mats

At SRM we stock a wide range of all materials in sheet format: from low-cost commercial sheeting to specialist fabric-reinforced sheeting.

Our gasket division can die-cut a large range of materials into customer-specified designs. The common size for a roll of rubber is 10m long by 1.4m wide and it is sold in linear metres. 

We negotiate the best deal

We do however offer offcuts and part-rolls on standard stock materials, as we understand not every job will require a full roll. Conversely, we do have buying power with the raw material manufacturer to negotiate the best deal for bulk purchase.

We supply sheets and matting for a broad range of applications, from protective walkways in industrial environments, to anti-slip matting in the leisure industry used for swimming pool walkways, or matting for triathlon transition walkways (e.g. swim-to-bike change overs).

For more information about how we can be of assistance with your project please email sales@srm-industries.com