Rubber Moulded Spacers

Rubber moulded spacers take up the void between two surfaces and evens out inconsistencies in a gap. They can be manufactured by die-cut method in our Gasket division or by bespoke moulding to any shape, size or design.

Spacers can be moulded in any material from natural rubber to EPDM, and we can produce them in a RAL or Pantone referenced colour to match your product or application.

Spacers are used to create a protective barrier in voids to stop ingress, they are usually flat but can be any shape as we create bespoke tooling for the job.

They are used in all industries but they are predominantly used to plug gaps in industrial equipment or to increase the physical height of a component to create a better fit.

Over 40 years experience

SRM have been producing rubber moulding spacers for over 40 years and we have a wealth of experience.

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