Rubber Moulded Seals

Rubber moulded seals prevent leakage from one part of a product to another. 

Seals are often overlooked but are a pivotal part of any product design, critical to the products performance, as any leaks could be catastrophic.

The space shuttle disaster in 1986 for instance exploded 73 seconds after launch due to the failure of the seal in the right solid rocket launcher caused by low-temperature failure.

Over 40 years experience

This highlights the importance of the correct compound being used, at SRM we have over 40 years experience as a rubber seals manufacturer and over the years we have customised our compounds in the lab for optimum performance.

Our custom rubber seals are used in industries from drainage to nuclear, for gas, liquid and solid applications.

All our seals are bespoke in shape, size and material and can be rubber moulded or die-cut dependent on the application.

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