Die-cut Washers at srm



At SRM we have been producing die-cut washers for over 40 years.

A rubber washer is a ring made from rubber, used in a mechanical device. It is used to prevent vibration from spreading from one part to another, reducing noise levels. Washers are used to make something - such as a bolt - fit tighter or prevent rubbing or leaking.

SRM have fully automated gasket cutting equipment capable of high-volume manufacture, and supply large quantities of washers into the UK plumbing industry.

The washers can be self-adhesive-backed, supplied loose or kiss-cut on reels; we have the flexibility to tailor our product to meet your requirements.

Typical industries include:

  • Water and drainage - producing EPDM pipe seals
  • White goods - producing water seals from commercial quality rubber
  • Marine - producing pipework on ships using Neoprene to stop salt water ingress

We also produce foam washers to attach plastic to a surface to create a seal (closed-cell foam)

For more information about how we can help please email sales@srm-industries.com

Rubber moulded parts for the White Goods sector