Petrochemical Rubber Moulding

Over 40 years experience

SRM is one of the UK’s leading suppliers of Petrochemical Rubber Moulding

We have been involved in the sector for over 40 years and as such, have a wealth of experience and industry knowledge.

We stock specialist Viton as standard (which is not the industry norm). Viton is used due to its chemical resistance and ability to maintain its integrity under extreme temperatures up to 300c. It is a premium quality material developed for specialist applications.

The other compound we use in the industry is Nitrile; this is a lower cost material with great oil resistance, but has a lower temperature threshold and so is a good cost-effective alternative in seals where high temperature tolerance is not a priority.

Products we make include:

  • Bespoke Seals
  • O Ring
  • Die-Cut Gaskets
  • Sealing Chambers or Pipe Flanges

We also offer a repair and replace service for rubber-to-metal bonded parts.

We can produce part die-cut, injection-moulded or compression-moulded parts, depending on application, size and quantity:

  • Die-Cut – for flat seals
  • Injection Rubber Moulded – most suitable for parts of up to 4KG
  • Compression Rubber Moulded – for large seals of 4KG+

For more information about the work we do with the petrochemical industry or how we can help with your project please contact

“SRM were a pleasure to work with they provided us the clarity and direction, they were always at hand to answer any concerns and gave us the confidence to invest in our future”