Rubber bellows, gaiters and boots are commonly used to protect moving parts and to allow flex; they offer protection from the elements.

A typical example would be a joystick cover in the cab of a construction vehicle on a building site, where the cover protects the mechanical parts from the ingress of dust. The rubber compound would typically be EPDM as this compound has the ability to withstand the extreme temperature fluctuations found in the cockpit of a construction vehicle and still maintain its flexibility.

As a rubber bellows manufacturer, we produce custom rubber bellows as well as gaitors and boots for:

  • rubber gaiter

    Rail - Where they are used to cover cabling between carriages.

  • Drainage¬†¬†- For flexible connections between pipework.
  • Construction - For handbrake cable couplings for vehicles
  • White goods - For washing machine seals.

Over 40 years experience

At SRM we have been making bellows, gaiters and boots for a broad range of sectors for over 40 years. We have an in-depth knowledge of the properties of the different rubber compounds and their strengths and weaknesses, meaning our clients can be confident that we will always deliver the best possible product for their application. 

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