Die-cut Sponges at srm

Over 40 years experience

At SRM we have been manufacturing die-cut sponges for over 40 years. There are two types of sponges or foams: open-cell foam or closed-cell foam.

The foam’s structure consists of a flexible material that is filled with voids or bubbles. In closed-cell foam the bubbles are completely encompassed, creating an impervious structure. Typically, closed-cell foam is used when creating seals where the application has a wide tolerance to take up (e.g. tap seals on water butts or cistern seals on toilets). The stiffness of the foam or sponge is measured in specific gravity.

In open-cell foam, the bubbles burst during the foaming process to create an interconnecting cellular network, making open-cell foam softer and also breathable. This makes it ideal for use in filtration systems, for example inponds where different substrates required different grades of open-cell i.e. large, medium or small (large being the most open).

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