Fire and Safety Rubber Moulding

SRM is one of the leading manufacturers supplying rubber moulded parts for the Fire and Safety Sector. We hold Warrington fire-approved materials in stock, and supply into one of the ‚ÄėBig 3‚Äô in the sector, winning an award in 2007.

Fire and Safety Rubber Moulding products we make include:

  • Breathing Products
  • Shock Buffers
  • Air Tank Support Moulds
  • Oxygen Gauge Covers

The two predominant compounds used within the fire and safety sector are:

  • NEOPRENE ‚Äď For shock absorption, e.g. shock buffers for oxygen tank mounts. Neoprene is a great choice as it is naturally fire-resistant and is self-extinguishing up to 100c
  • SILICONE ‚Äď For fire-resistant parts including oxygen gauge covers or breathing apparatus

The predominant process for the manufacture of fire and safety parts is injection rubber moulding, because of the large volumes produced.

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Neoprene Rubber Moulding

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