Traditional & Renewable Energy Rubber Moulding



SRM is one of the leading suppliers of rubber mouldings for the energy sector; in nuclear power, petrochemical and more recently the renewables sector also.

We have been producing rubber moulded parts for the energy sector for over 40 years, and as such have a wealth of experience and a great understanding of the best compounds for the right applications.

SRM are one of the UK’s only nuclear-approved suppliers; we provide nuclear-approved seals for power plants and nuclear waste containers.

Within the energy sector, products we manufacture include:

  • Bespoke Seals
  • O Rings
  • Die-cut Gaskets
  • Pipe Flanges

We can provide parts die-cut, injection moulded or compression moulded dependent on the application, size and quantity.

  • Die-cut ‚Äď if the seal is two dimensional
  • Injection rubber moulded ‚Äď for seals up to 4kg of material
  • Compression rubber moulded ‚Äď for larger seals, weight above 4kg

We stock nuclear-approved materials as standard, as well as a specialist Viton (which is not the industry norm).

Rubber moulded parts for the Power Generation sector

Rubber Moulding for the Renewables Sector

Wind Turbines In Rural Landscape At Sunset

SRM is perfectly positioned to supply to the renewables sector.

As a specialist rubber moulding company, we have an unparalleled knowledge of injection and compression rubber moulding. We are one of the leading rubber products manufacturers and have worked across a broad range of industry sectors and are the leading suppliers of rubber mouldings for the energy sector.

All our moulds are engineered in-house by our highly skilled CNC mould-makers; this gives our customers the peace of mind that we can manage the whole process - from initial design through to distribution - on time and on budget.

If you are looking for a rubber compound that is water-resistant; can handle extreme temperatures (both hot and cold); is resistant to ozone and incredibly long lasting, then EPDM is the choice for you.

EPDM is great outdoors so it is a natural choice for parts for wind turbines, solar farms and hydropower to name but a few. Its ability to withstand extreme temperatures whilst maintaining flexibility make it a great choice.

We can produce anything from rubber washers, grommets or gaskets to complex anti-vibration mounts and rubber-to-metal bonded products.

SRM has over 40 years of experience and an extensive knowledge of the industry. We have lab facilities where we have developed our own compound for optimum performance every time.

We hold a broad range of stock materials and can produce all tooling in-house. Because of this we have no minimum quantities and can produce volumes from one-offs to one million.

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