Rubber Rods and Rollers

Rubber rods and rollers are commonly used in assembly or production lines to allow movement or change of direction of products by increasing grip and friction.

Rubber rollers can be re-coated if the rubber is showing signs of wear at a significantly lower cost than buying new. We can however if needed offer a repair and replace solution and fabricate both the steel roller and rubber coat it all in house.

We predominantly work in the food industry repairing and replacing rollers for production lines using FDA approved nitrile, natural rubber and silicone.

We also produce rollers for the aviation industry for luggage carousels in airports.

At SRM we are able to fully refurbish your rods and rollers whether it be re-coating the rubber element, replacing the worn bearings or in fact offer a complete replacement piece.

Over 40 years experience

With over 40 years experience SRM will deliver every time. For more information please contact