Rubber moulding for the leisure industry

At SRM we have been involved in rubber moulding for the leisure industry for over 40 years.

From producing parts for caravans and classic cars, to golf course sprinkler turf cups or boccia boards, our knowledge and experience of the leisure industry is unrivalled.

Predominant compounds used within the leisure industry include:

  • EPDM - a great all-rounder for outdoor use due to its ozone-resistance and extreme temperature tolerance. You will find it used in golf turf cups as well as caravans and classic cars; it is the go-to compound where water is present.
  • Silicone - used for its soft feel and low hardness (20 Shore Hard). Uses include Silicone pads in football and rugby socks.

We produce products that are both injection rubber moulding and compression-moulded as well as die-cut depending on the application and volume.

We are also able to prototype products reducing the risk of costly remakes.

SRM is one of the largest independent rubber moulding companies in the UK and we are geared up for low- and high-volume manufacture and carry a broad range of stock in-house which is not the industry norm.

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