Rubber moulded blocks are everywhere. Blocks are used to park aircraft (commonly known as chocks).

Rubber blocks are used as dampeners to cushion loads. For instance we supply blocks to customers that transport goods in containers and these block act as vibration dampeners.

Blocks can be made from any compound dependent on the environment and application. Typically they are made from EPDM or Nitrile dependent on if oil is present.

From booms for teleporters to clamps for hydraulic hoses on construction vehicles. Rubber moulded blocks provide flexibility, support, durability and stop unwanted movement.

At SRM we have worked with a broad range of industry sectors when creating our custom rubber blocks.

Industries include:

  • Construction industry - vehicles and hydraulics
  • Food industry - production line components
  • Nuclear Industry - Producing shock absorbing block for transporting nuclear waste containers.

Over 40 years experience

Here at SRM we’ve been producing rubber moulded blocks for over 40 years and have extensive knowledge of the right compound and design for the required application. We work with specialist laboratories where we have developed our own compounds to achieve the optimum performance for your product.

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