Water and Drainage Rubber Moulding

SRM is one of the leading producers of Water and Drainage Rubber Moulding in the UK.

We have been working within the drainage sector for over 40 years and, as one of the biggest UK suppliers, we hold stock of EN681-1 approved materials, which is not the industry norm.

Products we make include:

  • Pipe Seals
  • Drainage Seals
  • Gutter Seals

The main compounds we use within the industry are:

  • EPDM – An extremely hard-working material which is water-resistant, ozone-resistant and can handle extreme weather conditions, making it an ideal choice in the water and drainage sector.
  • NITRILE –This is used where oil-resistance is needed.

Injection rubber moulding is the predominant method used to produce parts for the water and drainage sectors because it is perfect for high-volume manufacturing.

From gaiters and diaphragms in domestic showers and plumbing systems, to commercial pipeline seals for major infrastructure projects, SRM’s products will be there.

We also aid the supply of water, whether through sprinkler systems on golf courses and football pitches, or helping the agricultural sector to grow crops.

For more information about we can help, please contact sales@srm-industries.com

Rubber moulded parts for the Water and Drainage industry

“SRM were a pleasure to work with they provided us the clarity and direction, they were always at hand to answer any concerns and gave us the confidence to invest in our future”