Mould Making

All our tools are made in-house, giving a more streamlined experience to clients as we are able to manage the process end to end.

We have years of hands on practical experience owing to our in house injection moulding plant. This means we are able to test moulds and produce samples prior to dispatch, this streamlines the process and eliminates error.

We work across the UK and Europe spanning a broad range of Industries.

We also produce tooling for other moulding companies, using our expert industry knowledge to give a competitive edge and are well versed in working to confidentiality agreements and NDA’s.

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CNC Milling product

Frequently Asked Questions

How many axis machines do you have?

we have 4 axis capability

What size is our largest cutting bed?

Our working surface is 1400mm x 820mm which allows us to machine an area 1250mm x 650mm.

Does our CNC milling centres accept the latest cad software?

Yes we accept all the major conventional cad formats, and we are fully integrated with solidworks and solidcam.

“SRM were a pleasure to work with they provided us the clarity and direction, they were always at hand to answer any concerns and gave us the confidence to invest in our future”