Anti-Vibration Mountings & Isolators

At SRM we produce bespoke anti-vibration mountings and isolators

They are usually rubber to metal bonded and as such we can produce both parts. Typically the metal components will be fitted to two separate surfaces with a floating rubber centre, this device is used to remove and absorb shock, for example in an engine mount.

The majority of anti-vibration mountings are made from natural rubber due to its recovery and elasticity properties. It has a low compression set, so will maintain its form for a lot longer than other compounds.

They are used in food manufacturing where they act as a shock absorber on a production line machine. The mount sits between the machine and the surface it sits on to minimise metal to metal contact and thus minimising vibration.

Other industries include

  • Construction
  • Nuclear
  • Power generation

With over 40 years producing anti-vibration mountings and isolators we have an in-depth knowledge of specific rubber compounds and techniques. For more information about how we can help with your project please contact


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