Rubber Moulded Plugs

SRM we produce rubber moulded plugs of all shapes, sizes and designs. They are all bespoke and can be produced in any colour.

Rubber moulded plugs are more versatile and aesthetically pleasing than a blind grommet.

Plugs can be used for sound deadening on impact, they can push fit into the end of box steel or tubing, or simply just fill a void.

They are always bespoke and normally manufactured from low end compounds such as EPDM or natural rubber as such they are predominantly black, though we can produce plugs in any colour to suit the application

Industries include:

  • Power generation
  • Rail
  • Petrochemical
  • Dairy

With over 40 years experience SRM will deliver every time. For more information please contact

rubber moulded parts for the Dairy industry