SRM Industries – Building a world-class rubber moulding facility

SRM have completed phase one of what will be a world-class rubber moulding facility.

Last month saw SRM take delivery of 9 state-of-the-art Austrian-built Maplan rubber moulding machines. They were installed on-site by Maplan UK.

The last 18 months alone has seen SRM invest in 11 new Maplan injection moulding machines and 2 new Mewo cryogenic de-flashing machines, cementing SRM’s place as a front runner within the industry.


The new machines are at the leading edge of the industry and offer more sustainability and streamlined efficiency. This will help to keep SRM’s pricing competitive even with the recent global energy crisis.

James Rodgers, Managing Director of SRM commented:

“The environmental impact and efficiency of the rubber moulding process have always been areas we have endeavoured to improve through ongoing innovation. The new machines will help us to be more sustainable and will lessen our environmental impact, whilst maintaining the highest standards and service our clients have come to expect”

SRM has seen year-on-year continued growth over the last four decades supporting customers large and small both domestic and international. SRM continues to embrace future technologies in its mission to become a world-class rubber moulding facility.

“Innovation is at the heart of our business; we are a forward-thinking firm. Through a combination of innovation and technical know-how, we are able to deliver time and time again where others stumble. Going the extra mile to make it happen; we love to say ‘yes we can’.” 

Paul Barton, Sales Director

As a specialist rubber moulding company, SRM has an unparalleled knowledge of injection rubber moulding. SRM is one of the leading rubber product manufacturers in the UK, having worked across a broad range of industry sectors including rail, petrochemical, construction and healthcare to name but a few.

All moulds are engineered in-house by highly skilled toolmakers on CNC machining centres; this gives SRM’s customers peace of mind by managing the whole process from initial design through to distribution, on time and on budget.

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