SRM has over 40 years’ experience of rubber moulding in Leeds.

Leeds has a rich history of manufacturing and mechanical engineering - originally to supply tools and machinery for the thriving textile sector - but it grew rapidly, and by the 19th century, had diversified to include areas such as printing, engineering, chemicals and clothing manufacture.

Today Leeds continues to have a thriving construction and manufacturing sector and is the UK's third-largest manufacturing centre, with 50% of the UK's manufacturing base being within a two-hour drive. Leeds manufacturing firms account for 8.8% of total employment in the city. The largest sub-sectors are engineering, food and drink, chemicals and medical.

As a specialist rubber moulding company, we have an unparalleled knowledge of injection and compression rubber moulding. We are one of the leading rubber products manufacturers in the UK and have worked across a broad range of industry sectors including: construction, rail, food, manufacturing and medical, to name but a few.

All our moulds are engineered in-house by our highly skilled toolmakers on CNC machining centres; this gives our customers the peace of mind that we can manage the whole process from initial design through to distribution on time and on budget.

injection rubber moulding
Medical Grade Rubber Moulding
rubber moulding

Medical grade rubber moulding

At SRM we have been producing medical grade rubber moulding from day one. We have extensive industry knowledge and a wealth of experience.

We are set up for clean environment silicone production and comply with medical guidelines and industry standards.

Outer body products

At SRM we exclusively produce outer body products and components. Products we have supplied include:

  • Silicone button covers for machinery
  • Buffers and seals for cleaning machinery
  • Parts for environment-based apparatus (e.g. air pumps on blood pressure apparatus)

The medical industry demands silicone-based products. Silicone is a clean, impurity-free product, which can also withstand boiling water and sterilisation while maintaining its integrity.

Rubber moulded products for the food industry

SRM’s geographical location is ideal for the food industry, being located in the heart of the Midlands and surrounded by food manufacturers.

We have worked within the food manufacturing sector for over 40 years and we stock a broad range of FDA-approved materials.

We have a wealth of experience and knowledge producing rubber moulded products for the food industry including:

  • Silicone bakeware
  • Chocolate, fudge and lollipop moulds
  • Baby food / ice trays
  • Factory production line seals
  • Rubber oven inserts


The predominant compound used is FDA-approved silicone due to its high heat tolerance and attractive colour spectrum. This is perfect for bakeware.

We also use FDA-approved Nitrile and natural rubber for seals, as well as other parts for food processing machinery, such as shock absorbers, for example.

We can produce parts by either compression or injection rubber moulding dependent on volume and application.

rubber moulded products for the food industry
Silicone Moulding


Injection Rubber Moulding

Injection rubber moulding provides a vast range of products: from making rubber gaiters for joystick manufacture, where there is a need for high volumes but with a high level of consistency across multiple batches; oil seals where accuracy is essential; to water couplings to prevent leaks. Even buttons for breathing apparatus, where precision and durability is paramount, as lives can be at risk.

The Benefits of Injection Rubber Moulding:

Rubber moulded parts for the Water and Drainage industry
Compression Rubber Moulding

Compression Rubber Moulding

Compression rubber moulding is generally used in low-volume applications, as the tooling cost is more economical. There is less set up waste as there is no requirement to purge out the machine. This makes it ideal for niche industry replacement parts such as motorbike spares and for the vintage car market. It also allows larger, thicker products to be moulded - in excess of 20kgs in weight - and we can also produce larger sized mouldings up to 850sq mm in size.


The Benefits of Compression Rubber Moulding:


Low-Smoke, Low-Toxicity Mouldings

The two main options when it comes to low-smoke, low-toxicity compliance are:

Silicone, when the application required needs to withstand temperatures in excess of 120C; or EPDM, which is much more cost-effective than silicone but has a maximum operating temperature of 120C.

Typical industries where low-smoke, low-toxicity mouldings are required include:

  • Rail
  • Underground
  • Mining
  • and more generally, any application which will be used in a confined space.
Low Smoke Low Toxicity Moulding
rubber bonding

Rubber-to-Metal Bonding

At SRM, we design, manufacture and supply rubber and rubber-to-metal bonded anti-vibration mountings for all types of industrial application. The primary objective is to eliminate harmful vibrations, noise and shock.

Our product range is extremely diverse, ranging from air suspensions, engine mounts, cab mounts, shock mounts and spherical bearings through to simple rubber buffers, brushes, mouldings and machine-levelling feet.

Rubber-to-Plastic Bonding

Here at SRM we’ve been producing rubber-to-plastic bonded products for over 40 years and have an extensive knowledge of the process and its applications.

Typical applications we have worked on include:

  • Fire service breathing equipment
  • White goods (plunger buttons)
  • Control keypads
Neoprene Rubber Moulding

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