SRM is one of the biggest rubber moulding suppliers in the construction industry in the UK.

We have been producing rubber moulded parts for the construction industry for over 40 years and supply a huge range of components: from anti-vibration mounts, seals and buffers for machinery, to joystick gaiters for construction vehicles.

EPDM is the go-to material due to its extreme temperature tolerance and all-weather properties. This is ideal when used for joystick gaiters in construction vehicles, as the operating temperature in the cab can fluctuate dramatically. EPDM is able to maintain flexibility and integrity in these harsh conditions.

As one of the UK’s leading manufacturers to the yellow goods sector we stock approved EPDM as standard.

rubber moulding for construction

Some of the Rubber Moulding products we supply to the construction industry include:

Anti-vibration mounts

rubber partsAt SRM we produce bespoke anti-vibration mountings and isolators. They are usually rubber-to-metal bonded and as such we can produce both parts. Typically the metal components will be fitted to two separate surfaces with a floating rubber centre; this device is used to remove and absorb shock, for example in an engine mount.

The majority of anti-vibration mountings are made from natural rubber due to its recovery and elasticity properties. It has a low compression set, so will maintain its form for a lot longer than other compounds.

Grommetsrubber parts

At SRM we specialise in bespoke rubber moulded grommet manufacture.

A grommet is a ring of rubber designed to prevent the chafing of any cables or pipes which are passed through. Grommets are generally flared or collared on each side to keep them in place. A blind grommet blanks off holes in metal panels.

They can be made from any compound but generally grommets are made from EPDM or Natural Rubber, or where the environment and application requires it, Viton.

As a leading rubber grommets manufacturer, we can produce grommets of all shapes and sizes to suit your products exact specification.

SRM have been manufacturing rubber moulded grommets for the construction industry sectors for over 40 years. We work with specialist laboratories where we have developed our own compounds to achieve the optimum product performance.

rubber moulded gaiterGaiters

Rubber gaiters are commonly used to protect moving parts and to allow flex; they also offer protection from the elements.

A typical example would be a joystick cover in the cab of a construction vehicle on a building site, where the cover protects the mechanical parts from the ingress of dust. The rubber compound would typically be EPDM as this compound has the ability to withstand the extreme temperature fluctuations found in the cockpit of a construction vehicle and still maintain its flexibility.

We have an in-depth knowledge of the properties of the different rubber compounds and their strengths and weaknesses, meaning our clients can be confident that we will always deliver the best possible product for their application.

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