FDA-approved rubber moulding

FDA-Approved Rubber Moulding ebookSRM manufacture FDA-approved rubber mouldings for the food industry

SRM’s geographical location is ideal for the food industry, being located in the heart of the Midlands and surrounded by food manufacturers.

We have worked within the food manufacturing sector for over 40 years and we stock a broad range of FDA-approved rubber moulding materials. Download our ebook

We have a wealth of experience and knowledge producing rubber moulded products for the food industry including:

  • Silicone bakeware
  • Chocolate, fudge and lolly moulds
  • Baby food / ice trays
  • Factory production line seals
  • Rubber oven inserts

rubber moulded products for the food industry

FDA-approved rubber moulding

The two main types of rubber used in the food industry are FDA-approved Silicone and FDA-approved Nitrile.

FDA APPROVED SILICONEinjection rubber moulding

FDA approved Silicone is a unique synthetic elastomer made from a cross-linked polymer which is reinforced with silica. Extremely durable UV and Ozone resistant, silicone maintains a high temperature range. These properties combined with an attractive colour spectrum make silicone an ideal choice for moulds and bakeware products.


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Nitrile is food approved (FDA-approved). As a result it is used extensively across the dairy farming industry and in food processing plants in production lines. It is used in the confectionery industry for mould making where resistance to extreme temperature is not a requirement (lollipop moulds for example) as Nitrile is a much more cost effective alternative to Silicone.

We can produce parts by either compression or injection rubber moulding dependent on volume and application.

rubber moulding for the dairy industry

FDA-approved rubber moulding for the Dairy industry

SRM is the UK’s biggest rubber moulding supplier into the dairy industry.

Our products are integral to the dairy industry and are used principally in milking systems and milk storage equipment.

We have been producing rubber moulded parts for the Dairy industry for over 40 years and as such, carry FDA-approved materials in stock as standard, which is not the industry norm.

Products we make include:

  • Milking Liners
  • Machine Buffers and Seals
  • Diaphragms
  • Spacers
  • Seals
  • Rubber Connectors
  • Inlet Bungs
  • Elbow Connectors

FDA-approved Silicone and Nitrile options

All materials used need to be FDA-approved and comply with dairy farm legislation. Products that are in contact with food (milk etc.) must be made of Silicone, which is a clean material with no impurities.

Other non-contact materials used for buffers and shock absorbers include FDA-approved Nitrile and natural rubber.

All of our products are injection rubber moulded, which is best-suited to the volumes produced.

For more information or assistance please email sales@srm-industries.com

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